About Bev

About Bev

WheatiesbyBev – by Bev Torr.


WheatiesbyBev was born in June 2015 by chance as I discussed making my own Wheaty to replace my very old one; I received a flood of orders from family, friends and word-of-mouth.

The result was sourcing a wheat supplier and from there creating my very first Wheaty. As orders were placed I had to quickly familiarize myself with the benefit of natural heat therapy and in December 2015 I created my FB page.

As a long time sufferer of chronic Interstitial Cystitis, for which there is no real medication and which proved to be a costly trial and error process from one month to the next, without any relief and mostly not covered by medical aid, I started reading up on the benefits of heat therapy and I soon discovered that heat works best for Interstitial Cystitis, it works very quickly relieving the symptoms very effectively at no cost and no longer require the use of any medication.

WheatiesbyBev is a home based business.

All Wheaties are handmade using 100% cotton and natural products.

The wheat is hand infused with lavender oil, where after the wheat is then heated to treat it naturally.

Each Wheaty has a removable outer bag for easy hand washing and is sold with an additional 5ml lavender oil to apply to the inner bag. Thereafter lavender oil can be purchased from most pharmacies to keep applying as preferred.

Wheaties can be customized to specific requirements, dependent on order quantity.

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