Surround yourself in warmth while you help soothe away tension and help ease away pain.
Soothe away injuries, pain, arthritis, tired muscles, promote rest and relaxation!

The heating pad that you can take with you for instant heat

anytime – anywhere!

Wheaties are a safe source of instant heat that can be used anywhere heat is required.

Place on the abdomen to relieve cramps.

Placed on the neck and shoulders to relax tense muscles that can cause tension headaches.

Anytime a back ache occurs, at home or at work a Wheaty provides instant heat therapy.

They are safe enough for children to take to bed to relieve the pain of leg cramps.

For Sale @ R100.00 each.

Inclusive of small lavender oil to apply to Wheaty inner bag.

Spoil the ones you love with a gift that can be used for years to come!

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